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Are you the weak link in your escape team?

Every escape team has one, that one player who’s the weak link and ruins the flow of the rest of the group. There’s always that one person who is too loud, too confused, or just too much. That one person can throw a wrench in the gears of the rest of the team; they can derail everything! The question is, are you that person? Are you the weak link in your escape team? Here’s how to tell:

Nobody asks for your input

It might seem obvious, but if your team isn’t talking to you, it’s a bad sign. Escape rooms are a team-based activity, especially at Escape Games Canada. Our missions require a lot of teamwork and communication. In order to solve our missions, players should be constantly interacting with one another, so it really says something if no one is talking to you. Whether you’re too rambunctious or too distracted, extremes can single you out as the weak link and turn your team-mates off of working with you.

You’re not sure how the puzzles got solved

Were you staring at a lock while your team opened and passed through one of the other doors? Did you hear a puzzle open behind your back? Then you might be the weak link and not playing along with the rest of your team. It’s not uncommon for players to get distracted or overwhelmed in an escape room. But the players who do, may not be participating along with their group. If you find yourself out of the loop, it is entirely possible that you put yourself there! Make sure you’re playing along, communicating what you find and your ideas about the puzzles you encounter. Keeping an open dialogue with your team is crucial, it makes you a vital part of the solutions instead of part of the problem.

You’re ignored, even if you have the right answer

Sometimes players try to interact with their teammates only to find that they are being disregarded or ignored entirely. Needless to say, that’s not a good sign. If your team isn’t paying attention to you, ask yourself why that might be? Have you been abrasive? Loud? Insistent? Or maybe you’ve spoken too quietly? Been too meek? Whatever the reason, it is important to break down the barriers and find a way to communicate. Players become frustrated when one person’s energy is wildly different from the rest of the team and isolating that person is often their solution. You know you have fantastic ideas and amazing puzzle solving skills! Just remember not to rock the boat too much so that your group loses sight of everything you have to offer.

Absolutely everybody has the knowledge and ability to be an escape room superstar! But some players end up rejected by their groups for various reasons. Your behaviour, how you present information, how excitable you are, all of those things can affect how your escape team views you.  Ideally, players should see every individual in their group as an asset. They should look around at the different skills each person has to offer and utilize them in solving the challenges ahead. Nobody wants to be the weak link in the team, so make that little bit of effort not to be.


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