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Classic Missions vs Premium Missions

What does it all mean?

Everyone always asks us, what is the difference between Classic and Premium missions? How are they different? Are Premium missions better? We want to clear the air once and for all! Read on to learn about Classic Missions, Premium Missions, and why we differentiate between them.

Classic Missions

A Classic Mission is our version of a more traditional escape room. Escape Games Canada is constantly pushing the boundaries of how escape rooms are designed and played. Because we’re pushing boundaries, we use the term Classic to denote games that are like the kinds of escape rooms you would find elsewhere. Our Classic Missions currently include Mayan Curse, Escape From Bleak Prison, Crossroads, and Haunting Of Noriko. All of these games require players to solve puzzles in order to escape within an hour. These games are just as technologically advanced and immersive as the Premium Missions, but they feel more like escape rooms when you play them.

Premium Missions

Our Premium Missions are not traditional escape rooms, each one has something that makes it unique from all the others. We use the term Premium so you know that you are getting an entirely different kind of experience when you book one of these games. The Premium Missions are Pathogen, Mindshaft, and The Unknown and each one is a distinctive experience.


Pathogen is like an escape room but it employs a game mechanic that requires you to make decisions as you progress through the story. The choices you make trigger a butterfly effect that leads you to one of seven possible endings – you can get more details here.


Mindshaft is different altogether; instead of an escape room, it feels more like you’ve been dropped into a video game. Instead of using your time to solve the puzzles and escape, you solve puzzles to build power to fight the boss at the end. In Mindshaft, you play for score instead of for time, everything you need to know before you play can be found here.

The Unknown

As for The Unknown, well we don’t answer any questions about The Unknown. We will tell you that it is special, it’s unexpected, and you’ll want to make sure you read all the disclaimers before participating. As we said, it’s unknown, but there is a bit of context here.

Why is the difference important?

We think it’s important to know the difference between Classic and Premium Missions; they define the type of experiences you have. First time players or players looking to play an escape room specifically will enjoy Classic Missions. Those Classic Missions are the OG escape experiences, they are all distinct from one another but familiar in their goals. On the other hand, Premium Missions are their own unique experience. Each one is special in its own way and challenges your perception of what an escape room is. At the end of the day, you need to decide what kind of experience you want; but whether you decide to play a Classic or Premium Mission, there is one guarantee, you will definitely have fun!