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How to be a good escape team leader!

Every good escape team needs a strong leader! Players need guidance and someone to make decisions, they need someone to keep an overview. It’s a hard job, but a necessary one. If you can play the role of leader effectively, your team will benefit and your chances of escape success will increase. Here’s how;

Look and listen

Being a leader is not about being the loudest or having power or control, it’s about keeping an open mind. You need to observe your surroundings and how your team are interacting. You need to listen to what people are saying. Leadership means making your best effort to step back and be impartial. Observe everything, then help your group reach an understanding.

It’s not about glory

Often people try to exert control or gain power over others. They think being a leader is a power trip. There’s no room for glory seekers in a leadership role. It benefits your team to be attentive and take a step back, that way you can make the best possible judgements. Ultimately, that’s what leadership entails: having an overall understanding so that you can confidently make the best possible decisions.

Keep an even temper

There’s no room for anger when you are trying to take a leadership role. You need to keep your cool. If things are getting heated, step away and remove yourself. Is the tension really escalating? Interject to keep the peace, maybe redirect players so that their focus turns back to the game instead of on each other. If you want to lead your team, it’s important to keep yourself as neutral as possible.

When you really think about it, being a leader is difficult and thankless. It’s far from the glorified position people assume it is. Still, every team benefits from solid leadership. If you want to fill that role, try following our advice. Your team will thank you.

Image by rawpixel.com