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How Well Do You Know Escape Games Canada?

Hello avid escapers, Escape Games Canada is about to celebrate our fifth birthday! Since the big day is around the corner, we thought it might be fun to test: How Well Do You Know Escape Games Canada? We’re not giving you a personality test this time, just simple, old fashioned trivia to test your knowledge of us! It’s a spoiler-free quiz, so anyone can play! Plus, you can add a bonus point if you know which mission the cover image came from.

1 Which three missions did Escape Games Canada open with?

a) Mayan Curse, End of the Line, Counter-Ops

b) Mayan Curse, Le Voleur de Diamant, Escape from Bleak Prison

c) Le Voleur de Diamant, Counter-Ops, Syndicate: The Relic Heist

d) Counter-Ops, The Unknown, Escape from Bleak Prison

2 What is the name of our newest mission?

a) Mindshaft

b) The Haunting of Noriko

c) The Unknown

d) Pathogen

3 Which of our missions has two floors?

a) The Unknown

b) Escape From Bleak Prison

c) Crossroads

d) The Haunting of Noriko

4 Which of our missions takes place in the future?

a) Escape from Bleak Prison

b) Crossroads

c) Pathogen

d) Mindshaft

5 Which missions have an automated hint system inside?

a) Escape from Bleak Prison, Haunting of Noriko, and Crossroads

b) Escape from Bleak Prison, Crossroads, and Pathogen

c) Unknown, Pathogen, and Mindshaft

d) Unknown, Haunting of Noriko, and Pathogen

6 How many managers does Escape Games Canada have? (Hint: it’s on our website!)

a) 3

b) 42

c) over 9000

d) 5

7 Which mission(s) should you never spoil for other players?

a) Pathogen

b) Crossroads

c) Unknown

d) All of the above

8 Which of our missions has a garage door as its emergency exit?

a) Unknown

b) Pathogen

c) Mindshaft

d) Crossroads

9 What do Game Masters always say before they take you to your mission?

a) “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

b) “If you die, you die with honour.”

c) “You are playing at your own risk.”

d) “Did everyone buy their tickets?”

10 What was the name of the hardest mission ever run by Escape Games Canada?

a) Syndicate: The Relic Heist

b) Haunting of Noriko

c) Counter-Ops

d) Pathogen

Bonus round! What is Vicky’s favourite food?

a) Cake (hint: it’s this one)

b) Prosciutto

c) Ice Cream

d) Fried Chicken


Answers: 1-b, 2-d, 3-d, 4-c, 5-a, 6-a, 7-d (trick question! you should never spoil any of our missions for other players!), 8-a, 9-c, 10-c

Bonus-b Vicky’s favourite food is actually prosciutto, it turns out the cake was a lie!