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Team Building at Escape Games Canada

It can be hard to bring a team together since different personalities often clash. People who work closely together can breed conflicts, but there is an easy, and awesome, solution: a team building event! Every team needs to take a break sometimes, regardless of the type of work they do. So why not have fun, build rapport, and challenge your team with an escape room? Here are just some of the benefits of hosting your corporate team building event in an escape facility.

It’s Fun

Face it, escape rooms are a blast! Every game is a new adventure with a new narrative to discover. Add to that the fact that at Escape Games Canada, you can always count on an immersive and interactive experience and you have a recipe for a great time! Escape rooms can be so much fun that your group might even forget that they are participating in a team building event! Fun is unifying. Fun is memorable. The fun that your team has during their event will affect their perception and take-away from the event.  More fun directly translates to a better memory and stronger team bond.

It’s Challenging

While a huge selling point of escape rooms is how much fun they are, they are also an opportunity to learn and grow. At the very least, escape rooms challenge soft skills as they call on teams to communicate to get the job done.  Most escape room puzzles also call on common knowledge; history, math, and/or language skills may be required. You might even find games that test higher forms of logic, reason, and fallacy in their puzzles.

It’s Rewarding

Between the immersive environments and the challenging gameplay, players are often too absorbed to realize that they are developing new skills. It can be very rewarding to leave an escape room and find that you have been more patient, or more communicative, or more observant than normal. These small victories can do wonders for a person’s esteem. They also boost a team up and help discover leaders. Players bond over games, regardless of whether they do well or poorly. Inside jokes are born, and teams walk away with a sense of accomplishment and unity. That kind of bonding is invaluable to a team of colleagues.

Whether you have a team of five or a team of fifty, taking some time to play together has multiple benefits. It’s important to remember to have fun, to push yourself, and to notice small accomplishments. All of this can be achieved in an escape room and can lead to strong learning takeaways and a stronger more synergistic team.

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