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What to wear to an escape game

It’s a question we get a lot here at Escape Games Canada: What should you wear to an escape game?

Honestly, it’s not the biggest thing to stress over. That being said, we do have opinions. Here’s a couple of tips as to what you should wear when you’re planning on escaping, and what to leave in your wardrobe.

Comfort is Key

If you’re gonna be standing in a room for an hour, maybe that really nice suit and tie or that cute skirt isn’t the best idea. When you’re deciding what to wear to an escape game, consider that many escape game places have physical elements that require you to crawl or jump up onto something. This means that if you don’t want to potentially rip your nice outfit or if you want to stay modest, comfortable clothing is probably best. The uniform at Escape Games Canada is a black t-shirt or sweater with our red lock logo on it paired with comfortable pants since we’re constantly on the move. It serves us well, so we strongly recommend searching your closet for something equally comfortable and utilitarian.

Footwear is First

Yes, those shiny new pumps look great, but are they the best option for escaping? Your escape game could require some movement, it will definitely require you to stand for an hour, so fancy footwear, especially high heels, are less than preferable. There’s also a chance you might be doing more than just walking, so to minimize the risk of injury to yourself or to the room (there’s a reason ‘stiletto’ is also a type of blade), we recommend comfortable footwear that you can easily move in. 

Have fun with it

The team at Escape Games Canada are all nerds; we love games, comics, and graphic tees, so we encourage you to wear yours. Or –if you’re someone who doesn’t have an extensive collection of graphic tees the way we do — wear what makes you happiest. You are coming to have fun, so there’s no reason why you should worry about a dress code. Be comfortable, be ready to move, and if you have a lucky t-shirt, it can’t hurt to wear it.

Again, there isn’t a dress code at Escape Games Canada (aside from please wear clothes), so you can really come wearing what you like–the above is our advice to anyone curious to know the best outfit to wear when coming to play an escape game.

Image by rawpixel.com