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What you need to know before you play Pathogen

Pathogen is about to open! No more waiting, no more teasing, it’s built and just about ready for you and your friends to play. We’re just as excited as you are! We can’t wait to see group after group experience our newest mission. But in typical Escape Games Canada fashion, Pathogen is not a traditional escape room and as such, it might help you to know what you’re stepping into. Here’s a quick primer of what you can expect when you play our newest mission, Path

Pathogen is not Syndicate

Some people might be familiar with one of our older missions called Syndicate: The Relic Heist. Yes, we retired Syndicate so that we could build Pathogen in its footprint. Yes, they’re both cyberpunk style themed and heists. But that’s where the similarities end. Syndicate may have seemed high-tech since the entire mission was controlled by one computer. But believe us when we say, Syndicate was nowhere near as sophisticated as Pathogen. Our new mission is entirely automated, and every puzzle communicates with one another to complete the illusion of its futuristic setting.

We’re trying something entirely new!

We are always pushing our own boundaries, and with Pathogen, we challenged our build team in a brand-new way. For the first time, our entire mission is being built in Unity! Video game players might be familiar with the Unity engine from some of the videogames that utilize it. In fact, two of Escape Games Canada’s favourite games, Overcooked and Hearthstone were built using Unity. Dabbling in Unity lets our build team take advantage of built-in features that are going to create a seamless experience in the game.

The choices you make in Pathogen will matter!

Pathogen will have seven different endings. Yes, seven. That means that as you play, you’ll be faced with decisions that matter. There will be consequences to your actions, so you’ll have to exercise caution. We’ve never explored the butterfly effect before, and it is ambitious, but using the Unity engine has given us new freedom in our game design and we couldn’t be more excited to explore those options.  We’ve challenged ourselves to build a more engaging, and more immersive experience for you.

We know you’ve been waiting, and that this blog is a bit of a tease, but believe us when we say, we’re waiting too. The team at Escape Games Canada are just as eager to see Pathogen open as you are, and the build team is really close to having it done. In fact, we’re so close that you can watch the briefing video here! And keep an eye out for more announcements, Pathogen will be open before you know it.