By agreeing to this form you (the customer) agree to the following:

Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting cash and require players to wear masks at all time. All agreeing parties (the customer) state that they are 16 years of age as of the date of accepting. The customer aknowledges that particpants under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate without explicit written or telephone approval from an Escape Games Staff member. The "Unknown" mission requires all participants to provide government photo ID stating their age is 18 years or older. Our facilities may require guests to participate in physical activity such as climbing and crawling. There are strong uses of lighting effects, noises, and electronics. For your safety, participation may be prohibited to those with, but not limited to, heart conditions, seizures, claustrophobia, anxiety disorders, late stage pregnancy, or physical ailments which may make playing unsafe. Players are playing at their own risk and VS Entertainment accepts no liability should the participant have any of the previously mentioned conditions or that can make playing unsafe. We have a zero tolerance policy for attempting to participate while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Participants agree to adhere to our terms of service which will be provided and accept all responsibility for injuries sustained while participating in any activity at Escape Games Canada except to the extent where injuries sustained are as a direct result of gross negligence of Escape Games Canada. In addition, the customer accepts all responsibility for intentional damages related to participation and agree that their payment information provided or deposit may be used to offset the cost of repairing any damages which include but are not limited to, inability to operate the game for other groups, physical restoration of the game, and physical harm to staff or other players. Violation of our terms of service will result in immediate removal from our premises without refund. The terms of service will be explained before the beginning of any activity. You may receive a customer service call to the phone number you provided.

Cancellation Policy:

By completing this booking you are purchasing a single admission for the bookings you’ve selected. All bookings are private; the required minimum number of admissions for the booking must be purchased prior to the start of the game. You also acknowledge the following: Any change or cancellation must be done by phone (416)-633-6868 three days prior to the date of the booking. This admission is not refundable and only transferrable up until three days prior to the date of the booking. Additional fees and forfeiture of your admission(s) will apply In the event of a last minute change or cancellation. The total fee (including purchased admission value) will be $50 per time slot if the time-slots are not filled. If your group arrives late we will do our best to accommodate you but you may lose mission time. In the event our staff cannot contact you 20 minutes after your arrival time your booking may be forfeited. In the event of a no-show the required minimum number of admissions will be charged to the payment method used for the booking. Escape Games Canada is an indoor facility and operates in all weather conditions. In the event of severe weather which results in major road closures, a rain check date for your mission may be offered. Parties booking more than 2 missions on the same day without confirming with our staff via telephone may be subject to cancellation without notice. Our staff reserve the right to cancel any bookings or refuse entry for any reason.

I accept the above Terms & Conditions